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Walk Historic St. Andrews | Panama City

St. Andrews Waterfront | Image courtesy of Dover, Kohl & Partners

You don’t have to go far to experience deeply rooted history in the streets of Historic St. Andrews in Panama City. Take a guided walking tour of the historic estate from the Panama City Publishing Museum on Wednesdays or Fridays at 1:00pm. Explore all that the area is made of at each of the spots along the way!

Historic St. Andrew Church

The Historic St. Andrew Church is the oldest church building in the city, dating back to 1887 and later restored in 2007. The uniquely designed building serves as a place of worship and a stunning wedding venue as a picture perfect, white wooden church.

Oaks By The Bay Park

Experience 3.5 acres of historic bayside beauty at the Oaks By The Bay Park. From stunning views and ancient buildings, to trees that have marked the center of the park for centuries, this park is a must see for locals and tourists alike.

Bank and Asbell Buildings

The area’s first bank was opened in 1907, during times in which people remained skeptical of banks and buried their money. Imagine that! The St. Andrews Bank sits across from the area’s first strip mall that was built in the 1930s. The buildings remain standing today as a reminder of the dreams and aspirations of the generations of the past and still serve its local patrons and visitors today.

Panama City Publishing Company Museum

The Panama City Publishing Company was constructed in 1920 by the founding father of Panama City, George M. West. Back then Mr. West and his wife managed their enterprises and newspaper printing in the space, which now stands a museum showcasing early 1900s printing equipment & treasures of Mr. West.

Drug Store & Mattie’s Motel

On this corner of the streets of St. Andrews stands the buildings that served as the local drug store, post office and motel in the 1940s. Mattie Lee Dykes Richbourg is credited for this development which provided the opportunity for entertainment and businesses to thrive for locals and tourists.

Villa Gateway

The Villa Gateway is a reminder of the first Florida real estate scheme that operated from the Villa home in the 1880’s.

“The loveliest location in all Florida. In a land where the genial climate of a winterless round of years will reward your every effort with the most bountiful harvests; where the summers are joyous seasons of refreshing breezes and invigorating nights of cool and healthful slumber; and where the winters are but bewitching contrasts to the summers in heightening and intensifying the delicious pleasure of a life in the fairest land the sun ever blessed with it’s genial kiss. There is but one Florida, and St. Andrews Bay is it’s brightest jewel.”

Uncle Ernie’s

Experience a dose of history the moment you walk through the door! Uncle Ernie’s is home to Ernest & Jessie Morris and dates back to the 1800s, making it one of St. Andrews’ oldest homes built. Today, Uncle Ernie’s stands as a popular bayfront grill offering fresh seafood, live entertainment and incredible views.

Governor Stone

The Governor Stone was built in 1877 and is as the last known surviving Gulf Coast Schooner. It is a National Historic Landmark calling St. Andrews Bay home. The Governor Stone will continue to sail the waters of the bay after restoration is complete in 2023.

St. Andrews Marina

St. Andrews Marina has played an immense role in the community’s economy over several years, reflecting the changes in transportation, commercial and charter fishing, commerce, and recreation. The marina has evolved from a small, simple wooden wharf to approximately 10 acres of marina as it stands today.

Ware Mercantile & The SS Tarpon

Lambert M. Ware acquired Buena Vista Point in the late 1800s, where he operated training vessels and opened a general stored called Ware Mercantile. Ware’s storefronts and event venues served as an essential piece of the community of St. Andrews Bay. Making 1,735 trips over a 34 year period, the SS Tarpon delivered essential supplies and several passengers from the wharf at Ware Mercantile. Today, Buena Vista Point sits adjacent to Oaks by The Bay Park and serves as a popular condominium and visiting spot for tourists.

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