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Discover a Coastal Gem: Hotel Indigo Now Open in the Panama City Marina

Image courtesy of Hotel Indigo Panama City Marina

Nestled along the picturesque shores of St. Andrews Bay in Panama City, a new beacon of coastal hospitality has emerged. The St. Joe Company and IHG Hotels & Resorts recently opened a new addition to their hospitality portfolio: the Hotel Indigo Panama City Marina. This 124-room masterpiece invites you to immerse yourself in the heart of history, culture, and unparalleled waterfront beauty.

A Glimpse of Elegance Amidst History

Stepping into the Hotel Indigo Downtown Panama City Marina is like stepping into a living canvas. The five-story architectural marvel stands as a tribute to the city’s storied past, located within the charming historic waterfront district of downtown Panama City. As you enter, your gaze is immediately drawn to the breathtaking vistas of St. Andrews Bay that unfold before you.

A Symphony of Local Culture and Artistry

Hotel Indigo properties are renowned for embracing the essence of their surroundings, and the Downtown Panama City Marina is no exception. Every detail reflects the vibrant culture and heritage of Panama City. The décor, the ambiance, and the experiences are all woven from the threads of the local community.

Dining at Hotel Indigo is equally unforgettable. Tarpon’s, an on-site restaurant, beckons with a Southern twist on coastal fare, embracing locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that dance on your taste buds. The open-air fifth-floor dining venue, Steam on 5, elevates your culinary escapade with fresh local seafood and craft cocktails, all while you savor breathtaking panoramas of St. Andrews Bay.

More Than Just a Stay: A Lighthouse of Convenience

The Hotel Indigo Downtown Panama City Marina doesn’t just offer accommodations; it crafts an experience. High-speed internet ensures you stay connected, while complimentary parking and a pet-friendly environment ensure you’re at ease. Dive into the outdoor pool, warm yourself by the fire pit, or maintain your fitness routine at the 24-hour fitness center.

For those seeking to merge business and leisure, the hotel offers versatile meeting spaces and an expansive event lawn, perfect for hosting special gatherings and corporate events that are illuminated by the boundless allure of the bay.

A Future Full of Promise

The Hotel Indigo Downtown Panama City Marina is a testament to The St. Joe Company’s commitment to shaping unforgettable destinations. This opening marks the fourth of five new hotels scheduled for the first half of 2023. With each new addition, St. Joe’s hotel portfolio thrives, comprising over 1,100 operational hotel rooms.

Reserve Your Escape

Hotel Indigo Downtown Panama City Marina stands as a testament to elegance, authenticity, and the enchanting allure of Panama City’s history. Located at 7 Harrison Ave., Panama City, Florida, it beckons travelers and locals alike to experience a world where luxury and heritage intertwine.

For reservations and to learn more about this coastal gem, visit

Images courtesy of Hotel Indigo Panama City Marina

Disclaimer: This feature blog is inspired by the press release provided by The St. Joe Company and IHG Hotels & Resorts. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the companies mentioned.

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